In honour of Apple Day this year, Bristol Cider Shop will once again be reviving the ancient tradition of apple rolling!

Saturday 18th October 2014, from 2pm.

As always, the event is held on Christmas Steps, which is one of the oldest parts of Bristol, and is where many people believe that cider was invented. As the story goes, a basket of apples fell off a rickety cart on its way to market, rolled down the Steps, squashed at the bottom and started to ferment. It was only when locals noticed that horses drinking from a nearby trough were behaving strangely that they started to investigate, and it was mariner Edward Teach that famously remarked “Ere, what’s this ‘orse got inside ‘er?”.

There will be a children’s competition at 2pm, followed by the adults ‘roll’ at 3pm. Contestants are encouraged to bring their own apples, which can be decorated, or they can buy an apple on the day for 50p. There will be prizes for the children and the chance to win a box of cider for the adults!

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