I recently had a visitor called Tory who lives surrounded by woods in glorious New Hampshire, USA.

She led me out to the back garden and showed me something I had not seen done before with an apple tree!

A bottle being tied to an apple tree, with a single apple inside it, still growing. What are we hoping to do here? Answers in the comments below please :)


  1. Phil in Seattle

    An apple growing in a bottle would make an interesting an attractive way of packaging apple brandy in much the same way as whole Pears can be found in bottles of pear brandy from France, I would think.

  2. Jim Callender


    However this season is proving to be quite light in the UK judging by all reports and the fruit on this tree. Lets hope it’s quality rather than quantity! Cheers.

  3. Tory

    Well if you could grow twenty in the bottle at once and then when they are ripe you could shake it like  hell and have apple sauce already in a jar!!

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