There are many ways to enjoy cider and perry, whether you are looking to taste new ciders, or ones which you know and can’t live without!

With friends at a pub

  • Look for either the draught taps, or in the fridge, this is a great way to find old favourites and new ciders.
  • View our list of cider pubs.

A night at home

  • Had a hard day? There are some excellent session ciders, like Sheppy’s, or the mid strength Weston’s.
  • Celebrating? Have you tried the méthode champenoise cider by Ashridge

With food

  • By either having the cider cooked with the food, and/or as a drink. Why not both?
  • Fish is an excellent combination with a glass of real cider. As is of course, pork, and turkey.
  • The French and American’s have a cider jelly which they mix as a stock with most of their favourite foods!
  • Visit our cider recipes for more inspiration.

At a beer and cider festival

  • The main event of the year for any cider fan! There can be up to 100 barrels and bottles of cider and perries to sample before you buy a half pint glass of the good stuff.
  • Cider festivals are an excellent way to chatting with other cider fans to discover what is worth drinking and how it is made.
  • View our list of cider (and beer) events.

Introduce new friends to cider

  • It’s good to share. Next time you go to a cider festival, or are passing a cider producer tell your friends about how amazing cider is.
  • Pretty soon I bet they will be telling their friends too!

What are you favourite ways to enjoy cider?

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