We had a great visit to Middle Farm in the middle of January, where we went a Wassailing!

A Wassail is a winter celebration, traditionally held on Old Twelfth Night, to ensure that the orchard is fruitful in the coming months. It was a fantastic clear crisp night, perfect for blessing the fruit trees.

There was of course a great selection of best selling and local ciders and perries. A great programme of indoor and outdoor events, including a Celidh, bonfire, and lots and lots of drumming organised by the Hunter’s Moon Morris men.

Check out a selection of the photos we took of the evening:

Middle Farm Wassail 2010

Watch a video of the the Wassail group heading to the orchards to light the ceremonial bonfire:


  1. Stacispider

    its a shame that the pentacle drummers were not there this year :-( really missed what they normally add to the event..other drummers were good but still something was missing.

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