Do you have an apple tree but can’t use all your apples?

Please consider sharing your surplus apples and pears with other members of the Real Cider community.

Due to recent demand of people wanting to learn how to make their own cider, we are going to help make this even easier for you.


Well. there are plenty of people and places around the country that have surplus apples, and windfalls from neighbours that are never used, and are left to go to waste.

This is for everyone to use, whether you live in England, Wales, America and beyond!

If you are either looking for apples, or have them to sell or give away then let everyone know in the comments below.

If you know of local groups that are already started sharing surplus apples and other fruit in your area, please leave their details in the comments below too!

We hope you think this is ethically, socially and environmentally friendly way of managing the free resource of fresh apples we have each year!


  1. Karaleigh

    I have an apple tree in our garden with hundreds of apples- welcome to any local cider makers to have for free in return for a litre or 2 ;-)

  2. Karaleigh

    Ps near Bath in Somerset!

  3. JohnC


    I live in Bath and am always looking for apples for cider. Happy to share a litre or two as well – I am at the very hobby end of cider production.

    I am south side of Bath is that near you?



  4. davy

    Hi , I have a apple tree with approx 200 fruits , very juicy and sweet , welcome to local cider makers in return for a litre or 2 :-)
    east lothian ,

  5. Rudyroo

    Anyone Berkshire (maidenhead) area need apples in exchange for some lovely home made cider?

  6. Cathy

    Exeter, Devon
    Have one large tree laden with ripe apples, small red sharp, divinely crunchy but no way to use them. Anyone want them for cider for a small cider levy by return?

  7. scottyedin

    Looking for apples in and around the Edinburgh area,and exchange for some home made 100% cider (ready for Christmas!!!)

  8. JaneT

    We too have a large surplus of apples and are 1/2 hr south of Bath, willing to trade for cider.

  9. Mo

    Langley, Berkshire – apples available if you want to collect

  10. Rudyroo

    I don’t need any thanks, I have lots to be collected!

  11. Barry

    My Newton Wonder tree is loaded this year – far in excess of what I can store/use. Any suggestions/

    Location-Milford-on Sea Hants

  12. Di

    Are you still looking for apples? Have large quantity of cookers, on tree.

  13. DI

    We have a very large tree full of cooking apples, well beyond what we can use, if anyone is interested in collecting. Otherwise they will go to waste. Edinburgh area.

  14. asa

    hundreds of Bramley’s going to waste in Hampshire – SO45 area – free to collect them if you want. 07808 126 013

  15. Jo Warner

    same here 10 buckets full of intact green & green & red apples going spare dont know the type all from same trees gu11 area free to collect (bring your own buckets tho) 07970637258

  16. jono912

    bags of cooking apples going spare Aberdeen City

  17. john moulton

    John in Hereford has surplus apples mainly Bramleys windfalls and some still on trees,01432 269498

  18. Fox

    Many barrow-loads of surplus apples eight miles south of Stratford-upon-Avon in the north Cotswolds. Our first autumn here and not sure of the varieties – certainly cookers but fairly sweet. Had all the crumbles and pies we can eat, so the rest are going free :-)

  19. Geoff

    Does any one have surplus apples on the wirral, iam going to buy a small cider press and have a go at making some cider. I have a small tree in my garden, but iam not sure if it has enough apples on it, to get a worth while return of cider.

  20. WirralPomona

    Wirral Pomona, as you’ll have found out by now, is a collective of recycled cider-drinkers, cooks, tree-planters, orchard promoters, waste-reducers and sustainability champions who will lend equipment and share resources and ideas to make cider and fruit juices, with a good deal of music and community activity on the way.. Next meeting is to look at some free premises to make and store cider in West Kirby.

  21. Rosie

    I have a tree loaded with eating apples in London N16 (Dalston / Stoke Newington) and would love some help picking them (and some cider).

  22. Boothe

    Lots of apples on our trees, not sure of variety but we use them for cooking. Would be happy to exchange them for cider. We are in Northamptonshire

  23. Terry

    Apples available for cider-making near Stone, Staffordshire.

  24. simon

    New cider maker near Cambridge looking for apples

  25. Izzy

    Hello, my friend and I have been looking for any surplus apples in London if you’ve still got too many on your hands. We’d be happy to come and pick (and, providing it doesn’t turn out filthy, swap for some cider)

  26. Paul Watson

    I am an amateur cider maker in Leicestershire. Happy to take what ever you have off your hands in exchange for a share of the outcome.

  27. CiderMatt

    Anyone have surplus cookers in leicestershire?

  28. Gary

    Hi we have lots of surplus apples and will give them away free in exchange for some cider.
    Near Oxford

  29. Carrie Woods

    Looking to swap our apples for some cider. Five trees different variety. We’re in bath

  30. Will Dennis

    anyone need apples in return for cider? we are in Dorking, Surrey

  31. Matthew Wakefield

    Surplus of cookers (variety unknown) perhaps 1/3 – 1/2 tonne available in exchange for some cider in Leicester area.

  32. Matthew Wakefield

    We have some in Clarendon Park area

  33. Ciderjim

    Yes surplus apples available in leicester, 3 no trees variety unknown

  34. Ciderjim

    Yes apples available in Leicester, 3 no trees varity unknown

  35. adrian

    Hi, I have approx. 30 apple trees full of fruit to anyone who wishes to come and collect. East Brent, Somerset, TA9 4. Prefer all to be taken away at the same time please, there are a lot of apples so you would need big transport. Thanks

  36. Lynne

    Hi Adrian. Do you still have the apples, and what type of apples are they? We are very interested in collecting as our main supplier has let us down very badly and we now find ourselves short. Can you phone me on 01763 281403 or give me your contact details? Thanks. Lynne.

  37. Christine

    I live in Chigwell Essex and we have a
    approx 130 apple trees. We have 2 people interest but not until next year. Is there anyone interest this year with prospect for next yeat

  38. Kathrine Jebsen Moore

    Hi there. We have quite a few surplus apples but no apple press. Would anyone be able to press them for us – we live in Edinburgh. Thanks!

  39. Frederick Clennett

    We have had a good apple season and most are now just waiting to be picked up. The variety is probably a large Bramley cross, sharp to taste and good for cooking. We live near Corley Moor, north east of Coventry and would welcome anyone who would collect them in exchange for some nice cider. Cheers!

  40. Mike

    Hi Frederick, I am in Coundon (only a couple of miles from you) and am looking to make some cider next year. Perhaps I could get your contact details for next year? Happy to swap apples for cider. Thanks

  41. Frederick Clennett

    Hi Mike, My mobile number is 07952407084 if you would like to arrange a visit.

  42. Joshua Parsons

    Not sure if anyone still uses this site but I’m looking for anyone with surplus apples I can use, West Midlands area, thanks.

  43. Jane Cooper

    We have surplus apples (8 trees), willing to exchange for cider. Derbyshire / Nottinghamshire / South Yorkshire border

  44. Cat

    Apples for anyone in the Glasgow area, must collect tho.

  45. Cathy Jenkins

    West Berkshire – our tree has apples that SMELL like cider – is there anywhere that can help us make the fruit into cider?

  46. Denise roberts

    I have a neighbour in Redditch with two apple trees laden down. They would like someone to be able to use them.

  47. Lorraine Badsey

    A family member who has 2 apple trees a lot of them go to waste. Happy to give in exchange of a few cider bottles. The apples are ready now.

  48. Luke

    Hi I am looking for some apples close to London to make cider, do you have any? Thanks Luke

  49. Bhoomi

    Hi we have a green apple tree in stopsley, luton, which has lots of ripe apples that we are not using. If someone would like to use them we would be happy to share

  50. Bhoomi

    Hi luke, we have an apple tree full of ripe green apples in luton, if you are interested?

  51. Paul spence

    Where can I donate my apples to in the Midlands? Xx

  52. Mat

    Hi Cat
    do you still have any apples- are they ripe – what sort of quantity – and what type are they – I am in Edinburgh so happy to come accross.

  53. Mat

    Anyone in or around Edinburgh got any apples that would otherwise go to waste – cider making time again

  54. Mat

    Hi Di – do you have any apples, I am also in Edinburgh and making Cider.

  55. Mat

    Hi Davy
    do you still have apples – cider making time again

  56. anne robertson

    I live in Currie just outside Edinburgh and have apples I would be happy to give away.

  57. Mat

    Hi Anne – a godsend.
    What sort of quantity do you have / cookers or eaters?
    I am based in Craiglockhart and can come accross during the day or evening

  58. Mat

    Hi Lorraine – where are you based?

  59. Lorraine Badsey

    We are based in Malvern, Worcestershire

  60. Mat

    Ah… I am in Edinburgh.. a bit too far for me – good luck though.

  61. anne robertson

    Hi Mat happy for you to come for some apples, some of them seem to be sweet enough to eat I usually cook them . This is my email address if you want to email me to arrange collection, A few bottles of cider for me to try would be appreciated if possible,.

  62. anne robertson

    mat, at the moment I am in most of the time during the day and evening.

  63. Mat

    Help!….apples needed for cider making – happy to share cider (if drinkable) can come and collect any time from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling. Eaters or cookers, no problem if slightly damaged.

  64. Karen Watson

    Hi Mat, what kind of apples do you need? We have loads of red eating apples still on the tree, have only started picking them so a bit late in getting rid of them. We’re in Stirling and would be happy to share cider.

  65. Mat

    Hi Karen, that’s great, I am in Stirling tomorrow, I could pop over around 5.30pm. Where are you situated?

  66. Karen Watson

    We’re just off Pike Road, if you email me at I will give you the address.

  67. hectoring mcsporran

    Got an apple tree……in ratho

  68. Karen Watson

    Hi Mat, just in case something not working with emails, I’ve replied to your email re address, let me know if you get it?

  69. Karen Watson

    In case haven’t got email, you can text me on 07999336362.

  70. Anne

    My name is Anne Yates and I have three trees full of fruit if anyone is interested in buying them my email is below.

  71. rob

    Hi, I have 2-3 acres of very old apple and perry pear orchards a few miles to the west of Worcester – looking for someone to buy the apples. I think there are about 30-40 apple trees and the same again in perry.

  72. Mike

    Hi, we have a Bramley apple tree in cheltenham which last year produced about 60kg ( and this year should produce similar). Anyone interested in return for cider? We will pick and bag the apples . Mike

  73. Adam Gallon

    Apple tree covered in apples, quite sharp, but a little floury to eat. Near Fulbeck, Lincolnshire.

  74. Alison

    Still some on our tree if you could use them- we’re in Polwarth 07833 477547

  75. Doug Jones

    Hi does anyone need apples near Saxmundham, Suffolk. we have 40 trees and are willing to give them to a good cause.

  76. Thomas White

    Tom in Redditch has 2 Bramley apple trees producing large quantities of apples currently being thrown away anyone interested in collecting?

  77. Pat Jones

    Pat in north Hampshire has small orchard with different varieties of apples and perry pears for anybody who wants them.We have taken what we want for storage.

  78. gizi

    Tons of apples are available, transport can be arranged, no small packages.

  79. FTF

    I have an apple tree over ladened with apples in London does anyone looking for apples

  80. Hugh

    Looking for apples this autumn (2017) to make cider for personal use. Glasgow southside would be ideal but happy to travel 10 mile radius of Glasgow. Happy to share some of the cider with the apple provider!

  81. Hugh

    Hi Cat
    Looking for apples this autumn (2017). Happy to collect and share some of the cider.
    All the best,

  82. Megan

    Hello, we have an ancient orchard filled with lots of different rare varieties of cider, cooking and eating apples and perry and eating pears. Unfortunately we don’t have the staff numbers to make the cider ourselves. If anyone was in south wales looking for apples and pears please let me know! – 07887534972

  83. Tim O'Neill

    Tim in Surrey, near Dorking, has a cider apple orchard with approx. 6-7 tonnes of surplus apples of various varieties including Bulmers Norman, Michelin and Major. Grown without chemicals or pesticides. Ideally to sell. Buyer to arrange picking. 07850 059519

  84. Roy

    Hello a family friend in Glasgow has two Apple trees which are full of apples. she is wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing the apples. If interested please let me know. Thanks

  85. Tom

    Hello, I seeking sweet/cider apples in Devon, ideally Plymouth area but willing to travel. Hope you can help :)

  86. Susan

    Hi Hugh, my mother in law lives in the south side and has 2 apple trees if you’re interested?

  87. Hugh

    Hi Susan
    Thanks for getting back to me. I’m on 07793 776002 if you would like to discuss. We’re in Pollokshields.
    All the best,

  88. Hugh

    Looking for apples this autumn (2017) to make cider for personal use. Glasgow southside would be ideal but happy to travel 10 mile radius of Glasgow. Happy to share some of the cider with the apple provider!

  89. Maritza Van Heerden

    Hi, we have two apple trees if anyone want to collect them? we live in church crookham in Fleet, phone or text me for details, 07710514494, Thanks, Maritza

  90. Maritza Van Heerden

    Sorry, I mean apples from two apple trees, not the trees themselves. Thanks, M

  91. Henrik luthman

    Free apples in Hatton south Derbyshire.. Come and pick as many as you want.. I’ve picked what I need and they will only go to waste. Henrik. 07923523999

  92. Denise

    Hi Tom I have a couple of apple trees that are full and you are welcome to collect some – not sure on the variety one is cooking type and the other is for eating! Let me know your number and I’ll send you address/arrange collection

  93. Scott Ema

    I have apples and pears, plus some plums for any local producers – Witcombe, Gloucs. Gooseberries have already gone, and some Damsons left as well. Apples are cookers and eaters, plus two pear trees. Needs an expert eye!! They produce each year without any intervention. Kr Scott

  94. Tom

    Thank you very much Denise. My number is 07946600152.

  95. Fiona

    Apples available for free to anyone who is able to pick them. Gosport, near to.Portsmouth. Hampshire

  96. Mr Scolari

    Hi free apples for cider makers in Berkshire Windsor / Maidenhead area, estimate there’s about 50-60 lbs of apples – ready for collection

  97. James Blythe

    C. 40kg of ripe apples in Epsom, surrey. Welcome to anyone happy to pick them

  98. Hugh

    Hi Roy
    Please get in touch if the apples are still on offer.
    All the best,
    07793 776002

  99. Hugh

    Looking for apples this autumn (2017) to make cider for
    personal use. Glasgow southside would be ideal but willing to travel 10
    mile radius of Glasgow. Happy to share some of the cider with the apple

  100. Tommy Dymond

    I’ve got a small appletree out the back garden. Will give you the apples for free if you want them

  101. Tommy Dymond

    Based in Southside of Glasgow

  102. Hugh

    Hi Tommy
    Thanks for the offer. Please text me on 07793 776002 to arrange collection.
    All the best,

  103. Tommy Dymond

    I’ve got apples. Glasgow Southside

  104. Joanne Chamberlain

    The Smithy Heritage Centre in Eccleston St. Helens is holding an apple day on the 28th of October. We had planned to collect apples from the local residents which was then going to a cider maker. Sadly the company has ceased but our event is still going ahead. We are looking for somebody who could take the apples.

  105. Ben

    Surplus apples from the cooking tree in our back garden in Burnham, Berkshire. If anyone wants them just email me at

  106. Andrew

    Anyone interested in apples in Gloucestershire. Willing to deliver

  107. Paul

    Hi, apples from our little tree free to a good home in cheltenham

  108. Ron Mercer

    We have lots of windfall Bramleys from our two large trees. Are there any cider makers in Gloucestershire who could use them?

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