Cider continues to set the pace by outperforming other drinks categories.

In the take home sector growth is still strong. Consumers are being offered a broader range of products with the major supermarkets reporting in October that they have extended their ranges of products and the space they dedicate to cider.

Whilst sales in pubs and bars are relatively stable this represents a better performance by cider than other drinks which recorded a decline. The pub sector continues to face challenging times though the cider industry remains determined to support this important part of the economy that is also vital to the social fabric of the UK.

Industry spokesman, Gabe Cook said:

“All credit to cider makers, big and small, for continuing to deliver great drinks that a growing number of consumers want to enjoy.

“It is the quality and provenance of ciders now available that is driving interest and sales.

“There has never been a broader range of consistently excellent ciders and perrys available. As retailers continue to recognise the opportunity and also the innovation and investment by cider makers, we expect people will find even more great drinks from different producers to enjoy.”


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