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What would you consider to be the top 3 ciders from around the world?

You know that tasting cider is amazing anywhere, anytime, it’s not just the drink that can make it special. The atmosphere, location, view and even the time of year can make that special drink even more memorable.

Apart from cider, and my family, traveling is one of my other passions. You’ll experience amazing new things everyday, whether that’s in your own country or further afield.

I have listed my top 3 personal favourites to get things started below.

Real Cider founder, Jim Callender at Pierre Huet's, Normandy, France

1. Hecks cider, Street, Somerset, England
Always a pleasure to travel down to the heart of Somerset and Street, great family run business, multiple awards and local apples.. say no more.

2. Domaine Dupont, Normandy, France
Every trip to this magical part of France just gets better and better. Real passionate cider makers respecting traditional techniques, but also embracing the science behind getting complex and distinctive flavours in their cidre bouche, pommeau and calvados products.

3. HPMC Kalpa Cider, Himachal Pradesh, India
After not drinking real cider for 5 months, we finally headed to the Himalayan mountains in India. We read that there was cider produced in the Shimla region of HP, but we could find it. Yes, we tracked a few dusty bottles down to a government bar. Remembering a taste like no other..

Taste ciders from all around the world

Get along to the International cider festival in August to taste ciders from around the world, all in one place.

So, over to you – where have you had your best cider or perry?