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You have decided which ales you want to stock in your pub, but how do you now promote them?

In a competitive market an exciting good quality range of ales can be a key tool in helping you win and keep customers, but unless you tell them what you are selling now, and in the future, why should they come to your pub?

Here’s a few ideas that might help?

  • Train your staff to have a basic knowledge of the cask ales you sell. In much the same way you would expect the staff in a quality wine outlet to know about the wines they stock, so a good cask pub should have staff who can show the same knowledge and passion for cask ale.
  • Advertise that you sell good quality cask ales – use chalkboards inside and outside the pub to promote ales of the week/month, network within the cask ale community, and use social media. The power of tools like Twitter, Facebook and Perfect Pint should not be underestimated in advertising both your pub and your range of ales. Likewise, a website (not matter how simple) is a vitally important tool to help sell your pub to customers. We are happy to discuss how to help with websites and social media marketing.
  • Sampling is a great way to encourage your customers to try different cask ales. At the very least let people try the ale before ordering, why not consider using third of a pint sample platters. Allowing sampling demonstrates your confidence in your full range of cask ales.
  • Take advantage of existing national promotions such as the annual Cask Ale week to promote cask ale, and in turn promote your business to a wider audience.
  • Your food menu provides a fantastic opportunity to introduce your customers to new and exciting beer and food matches. We think a great introductory book, which touches on this subject and all things beer, is Melissa Cole’s “Let me tell you about beer” (click to learn more).
  • Consider running your own real ale festivals to create interest and drive footfall, thereby increasing sales and hopefully winning a raft of new customers.