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A Study by The Telegraph finds a single pint of cider contains almost as much sugar as the World Health Organisation recommends should be an average person’s daily limit.

Heres the link to the Telegraph article.

Ciders that are in this report are syrup or concentrated sugar made on a industrial scale like Strongbow, Magners or Bulmers. Readers of this blog already know these are not recognised as real ciders, as they contain very little, or no apple juice at all.

Following conversation on our Facebook Real Cider group – Mathew Veasey of Nook’s Cider Yard points out the following:

According to Andrew Lea, the sugar content of *absolutely dry* and *totally & fully fermented* full-juice cider is as follows:

Sucrose nil
Glucose nil to trace <0.1%
Fructose nil to trace <0.1%
Sorbitol 0.4 – 0.8%
Xylose ca 0.05%

“The balance of Glucose and Fructose and the exact amounts remaining will depend somewhat on the yeast strain and how glucophilic or fructophilic it is.”

Keep Calm and Drink ‘REAL’ Cider

– ie: Cider containing 100% juice

The Wenlock Arms has been awarded CAMRA’s London Cider Pub of the Year .

This pub is a real drinkers pub, nothing too posh, just proper well kept beer and more importantly cider.

Ian White, CAMRA’s London Cider and Perry Coordinator, said the pub has a continual commitment to cider.

He added: “Cider has been making a real comeback of late but the real stuff is still difficult to find. Most pubs only sell keg cider. The Wenlock has stocked real cider for over a decade and this award is given in reflection of this.”

The Wenlock Arms, London

The Wenlock Arms, London

The pub, in Wenlock Street, Angel, also runs an annual beer and cider festival in conjunction with the local North London Branch of CAMRA during a cider and perry month in October. This gives locals a chance to taste something different and see why CAMRA is making such a fuss about the real stuff.

The Wenlock Arms is a traditional corner pub, which takes its name from the defunct Wenlock Brewery that was once nearby. It’s also famous for its doorstop sandwiches that help soak up its cider and its extensive range of real ales.

When I visited they were recovering from a 3 day beer festival where they had 3 real ciders on. The cellar man said that had ‘gone down well’, and also ‘that there were 15 people waiting outside at opening time!’. Both good signs that real cider is getting the attention is rightly deserves, putting cider firmly on the map in the capital. Bringing attention to the producers and enjoyment of a traditionally crafted drink.

On a normal day you will find Thatchers Gold Cider and maybe a barrel left over from a festival (which I did). There is no food apart from sandwiches and pasties, a good sign that it’s all about the drinking.

Congratulations to all the staff on the Wenlock!

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