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I had to share this tweet with you all, this is the back garden of Udder’s Orchard.

‘Udders Orchard make cider from ordinary apples from in and around Huddersfield.  Thousands of apple trees grow without want for their apples. They lovingly make cider from these unloved, uncared for apples’.

This is what is happening around the UK as we speak, many small scale cider makers and commercial cider producers are collecting and pressing apples and perry pears to make this years batch of traditional real cider.

Local Huddersfield apples to press

You will see apart from the wooden press and the aluminium metal ‘scratter’ – which pulps the apples, the equipment isn’t high-tech. The beauty of cider making at this scale is that it’s a really fun event to get the friends and family involved in.

Once the apples are pressed it’s then a matter of waiting for fermentation to do it’s thing. Most ciders don’t need yeast adding, as like with grapes in winemaking – the yeast naturally occurs inside and on the skin of the fruit.

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