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Here is a list of Cider and Perry Producers in Europe.

If you have visited any producers, or want to be added as a producer yourself, just email us the details to be added to this page.


The Mostviertel region in the South-West of Lower Austria boats an amazingly rich perry culture and regiuonal food of the highest quality. Mostviertel derives its name from the German word for cider and perry.

Recommended cider producers in Austria:


The Renaissance of an iconic Cider Tradition since 1898 –

Cidre Ruwet.


Visiting French producers you will be able to taste Cider ‘Cru de Cambremer’, Poire (perry), Calvados and Pommeau – Normandy’s own ‘aperitif’.

The main regions for cider makers are Pay D’Auge, and Domfront – both in Normandy, and also Cornouaille in Brittany.

Recommended cidre, poire, calvados and pommeau producers in Normandy:

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German cider, or Apfelwein is mainly produced and consumed in Hesse, particularly in the Frankfurt, Wetterau and Odenwald areas, in Moselfranken, Merzig (Saarland) and the Trier area.

Recommended cider producers in Germany:

  • Konter Brennerei, Tulpstrasse 7, Rehlongen-Fremersdorf 66780
  • Harold Wacht, Kapellenstrasse 19, Fisch 54439
  • Sven Lorscheider Tier-Viez, Olewiger Strasse 175, Trier-Olwieg54295
  • Atshcel, Wallstrasse 7, Frankfurt am Main 60594
  • Lorsbacher Thal Grosse Rittergasse 49-51. Frankfurt am Main. 60595
  • Klaane Sachsehauser Neuer Wall 11. Frankfurt am Main. 60594
  • Zum Eichkatzerl Dreichstrasse 29. Frankfurt am Main. 60594
  • Klaane Sachsehauser Neuer Wall 11. Frankfurt am Main. 60594

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  • Pommedor Cider 6 St. George Street in Amsterdam. Owner Martijn de Wal 06 51761954 Twitter @pommedorcider Call first to avoid disappointment!


  • Hardangar Cider, Hardanger Saft- og Siderfabrikk, Lekve Gard, Ulvik v. Nils J. Lekve 5730 Ulvik


The two main regions of ancient cider tradition are Asturias in the west, and the Basque country to the east of the Atlantic shoreline. Natural cider in Spain in labelled ‘sidra natural’.

Recommended sidra producers and areas in Asturias:

  • Sidreria El Canu, Calle del Carmen 4, Villaviciosa
  • El Polesu, Angel Tarano 3, Cangas de Onis
  • La Sifoneria, San Pelayo, Cangas de Onis
  • Sidra Viuda de Corsino, La Riega, Nava, Asturias
  • Sidreria La Figar, La Riega, Asturias
  • SidraRoza, Carretera Villabona, Nava, Asturias
  • Aralar (Calle del Puerto, 10, San Sebastian
  • Sidreria Itxaropena Calle Embeltran, 16, San Sebastian
  • Sidreria Donostiarra Calle Embeltran, 5, San Sebastian
  • Sidreria Arriaga, Santa Maria, 13, Bilbao
  • Sagardotegi Artxanda, Artxanda, Bilbao

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