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Following on from our successful drink cider for England campaign over this years world cup, we were contacted by a cider matt collector.

Andy wanted to add these cider matts to his collection. We printed just 3000 cider matts for this campaign.

Drink Cider for England Cider mat

Out of interest I was interested to see if it was possible to send a couple of photos of his cider matt collection? His response was:

Although it’s difficult to know what to show you from the collection, what with 2000 to choose from. The collector has sent a photo of the boxes that contain many of the collection, (each box contains 200-300 Mats) there are a couple more along with a pile of giant mats (12 inches across). The scans I’ve sent show several older mats some from the 1930’s, and some more recent ones including ones from France.

The collector is a member of the British Beermat collectors Society and without that it would be nigh on impossible to gather together a collection like this –

“there are several bigger and better collections than mine, but I’m catching up. The ‘Beermatmania’ website contains 50000 images of brewery mats and 4000 images of cider mats. Plus loads of others, and it grows daily!”.

“There is a definite madness to this hobby of collecting cider matts, and the best answer I’ve heard from another collector to the question, ‘Why do you do it?’ is, ‘Because it makes me happy’. It’s hard to say better than that”.

Here are some photos of his collection: