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We’ve been very excited about this years harvest of cider apples and perry pears across the UK.

We’ve been lucky with such a dry start to the autumn. It’s our favourite time of year and it has generally been a beautiful, dry autumn, with warm days to keep the fruit pickers happy this year!

From the cider makers I have spoken to, generally the crop yield is down, with sugar levels up due to dry weather end of summer we had in cider land.

You can all get a glimpse of the cidermaker’s year by following our friends on twitter.

Apple picker at Orchard pig

If you know of any others just let us know by leaving your comments below!

In this video Bray Oak Cider, based in Perth, Western Australia – show us how to make your own cider, using your own home made cider press, which includes a car jack – a perfectly acceptable piece of kit for extracting as much juice from your apples as possible.

Visit the cider producer at their web site –

A food blogger in Suffolk took a fantastic selection of photographs over the weekend, it captures the essence of what makes cider making and the traditional process of pressing apples so special.

A perfectly timed break in the wet weather cleared the way for a wonderful Saturday gathering apples from a favourite orchard in Suffolk.

Adding apples to the scratter. A mechanical set of teeth that creates a pulp of the apples. © Eat Pictures Food Photography 2010

The apple pulp is then added to the apple press to make juice. © Eat Pictures Food Photography 2010

The photos show the typical process in traditional juicing of apples, to make cider, or in this case just apple juice which is just as magical as it gets:

Can’t even begin to tell you how sweet, perfumed, fresh and alive this stuff tastes.

View the full set of photos at eatpictures

I had to share this tweet with you all, this is the back garden of Udder’s Orchard.

‘Udders Orchard make cider from ordinary apples from in and around Huddersfield.  Thousands of apple trees grow without want for their apples. They lovingly make cider from these unloved, uncared for apples’.

This is what is happening around the UK as we speak, many small scale cider makers and commercial cider producers are collecting and pressing apples and perry pears to make this years batch of traditional real cider.

Local Huddersfield apples to press

You will see apart from the wooden press and the aluminium metal ‘scratter’ – which pulps the apples, the equipment isn’t high-tech. The beauty of cider making at this scale is that it’s a really fun event to get the friends and family involved in.

Once the apples are pressed it’s then a matter of waiting for fermentation to do it’s thing. Most ciders don’t need yeast adding, as like with grapes in winemaking – the yeast naturally occurs inside and on the skin of the fruit.

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The Cold Hollow Cider Mill is one of the top producers of fresh apple cider in New England, USA.

In the States, what we refer to as ‘Cider’ is known as ‘Hard cider’ over there. The mill and Cold Hollow produces apple juice ‘cider’ – immensely refreshing, and a great experience to see apples pressed in a big way!

The mill still uses a traditional cider press built in the 1920’s which you’ll see in the slideshow photos.

Statistics for Cold Hollow’s cider production

  • 2000lbs of pressure per square inch used to press apples
  • 12lbs of apples to produce 1 US gallon of apple juice
  • 280lbs of apples gives up to 300 US gallons of apple juice in one pressing
  • 700lbs of apple pomace (pressed apple debris) produced each day and fed to local livestock
  • 1,250,000 gallons per apple season
  • 15 cheeses per press
  • Pressing takes 10-12 minutes
  • 15-18 presses per day

Slideshow of Cold Hollow cider mill