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Somerset photographer Bill Bradshaw has taken his love of all things cider by creating an exhibition charting his exploits through Somerset’s cider farms, called I am Cider.

“Cider is a huge part of what makes Somerset what it is now it’s our heritage and it’s strong. Historically, as important as grapes are to the French, olives are to Italians, Cider apples are to the English”
Bill Bradshaw

The cider world has so much to capture and offers a photographer a perpetual challenge, the seasonality of the landscape, the rare and colourful characters involved, the origins of the area, a cider farm, and person, an apple. Like any industry it has a peculiar mix of tradition and commerce, both of which have their vale and place, and Bill Bradshaw sees his role a photogrpaher to record this, these photos are a visual response to eh realm specific to cidermaking and apples.

The “I am cider” 2004-2009 photography exhibition is at the Museum of rural life in Glastonbury. 17th October to 21st November 2009. Admission is free.