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Nick is an IT Professional and a keen cider enthusiast based in Bristol. He has recently started sharing his thoughts on cider through his blog called ‘The Cider Blog’ (

Here are his responses to our questions for cider drinkers:

  1. How did your love of cider start?
    Back in the early 2000’s, myself and a few friends got into cider mainly through Wetherspoons and in particular the Westons Old Rosie they had sold. From tasting that, I got hooked and i wanted to try more and more cider, and in particular different things to broaden my horizons. My cider experience got completely thrown wide open upon moving to Bristol in 2005. I soon discovered The Apple and The Cori Tap pubs and the rest is history as they say.
  2. What’s your favourite place to drink cider?
    Pretty much anywhere! A BBQ, cosy little pub, round a friends house/my house or even a cider festival. Wherever i can get proper cider, i will drink it!
  3. What’s your favourite cider, and why?
    It’s a really tough question to pick just one. Cider is so versatile, that there is one for me for every type of occasion and even mood. My cider palate is probably leaning more towards the medium/dry end, and for me, scrumpy/farmhouse cider definitely rules my cider world! I just love and appreciate pretty much any cider that is made in the traditional way(s).

  4. What makes cider so special, compared to other drinks?
    It’s a 100% (or as close as possible) natural drink that feels really good to drink and it is not pumping you full of chemicals, like you get with nearly every other drink out on the market. It just puts a smile on my face no matter how down i may feel and a real good pick-me-up. As i have mentioned previously, there is a cider out there for any occasion. With real cider, not every pint of the cider is exactly the same, which also adds to the excitement and pleasure of drinking it. I can’t think of any other drink that even comes close to matching it.

  5. What’s the perfect accompanient to enjoy your cider, special mug, cheese, pickles?
    There’s a few things that work so well with cider for me; they are cheese, pork scratchings, hog roast and pickled eggs. The pig and the apple were always meant to be together, so it’s definitely a natural combination that works a treat.

The competition for the Cider & Perry Pub of the Year is now underway has been announced.

The first pub to be announced is ‘The Orchard’, Bristol that wins CAMRA Cider pub of the year (South-West).

A prestigious award for any pub, the orchard has won the award for consistently serving a excellent selection of #realcider. Enjoyed by a variety of regulars and newcomers. From recent reviews, varying from 8 – 13 different ciders at any time.

Drinkers enjoying the award winning atmosphere at The Orchard in Bristol

Drinkers enjoying the award winning atmosphere at The Orchard in Bristol

Bristol is a fantastic place to enjoy cider at any time of year, view our list of cider pubs in the city, or view a map to the Orchard Pub.