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What is apple blossom?

The apple tree is a native of Europe, and the Apple blossoms come from April to June. From the fruit, cider is manufactured, and both the fruit and its cider are much used for domestic and medicinal purposes. Apple blossoms have Cherry pink and white petals.

Here is a collection of the best blossom photos that we’ve been sent from various apple tree owners and cider makers around the UK. AS as far as Scotland. Enjoy this magical time of year, and let’s wish for a great season ahead of sunshine and not too much rain!

If you would like to walk in an orchard of a West Country Cider makers – head to Sheppy’s on the 11th of May when they will be having an open day. As well as inviting visitors to sample their latest cider release.

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If you have any photos of your apple or pear blossoms, whether it’s one tree or a whole orchard please send them to us and we will add them to this post for others to enjoy.

Spring was a few weeks earlier last year for blossom, with bumper crops of apples being ready for picking in August.

We shall see what yields we get with sporadic rain and hosepipe bans. More Wassailing needed to appease the apple gods!