A Study by The Telegraph finds a single pint of cider contains almost as much sugar as the World Health Organisation recommends should be an average person’s daily limit.

Heres the link to the Telegraph article.

Ciders that are in this report are syrup or concentrated sugar made on a industrial scale like Strongbow, Magners or Bulmers. Readers of this blog already know these are not recognised as real ciders, as they contain very little, or no apple juice at all.

Following conversation on our Facebook Real Cider group – Mathew Veasey of Nook’s Cider Yard points out the following:

According to Andrew Lea, the sugar content of *absolutely dry* and *totally & fully fermented* full-juice cider is as follows:

Sucrose nil
Glucose nil to trace <0.1%
Fructose nil to trace <0.1%
Sorbitol 0.4 – 0.8%
Xylose ca 0.05%

“The balance of Glucose and Fructose and the exact amounts remaining will depend somewhat on the yeast strain and how glucophilic or fructophilic it is.”

Keep Calm and Drink ‘REAL’ Cider

– ie: Cider containing 100% juice

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