After hearing from quite a few cider makers across ciderland, that this years crop is going to be ‘light’ *

* following the last two years of bumper crops I expect the fruit trees are taking a ‘year out’, and for the trees that have the energy have been attacked by a spate of fire blight.

So this year we are setting up a way to share unwanted fruit with cider makers across the UK

Part of the aim of this web site is to connect people so no apples go to waste. So we can make as much cider as possible.

How to get involved

If anyone has a supply of cider apples that they need a home for, leave a message in the comments below.

The cider producers that are part of the Real Cider community are always interested in acquiring extra apples and happy to talk it through with you!


  1. Jim Callender

    Great idea in surrey – > using people’s spare garden apples in return for some of the cider they produced..

  2. dave

    I have a customer that i deliver to in West Sussex mention this she was very interested has a Victorian walled garden and loads of fruit trees that go to waste every year. I heard people would come pick your fruit turn it into cider and give you some of the finished product. Can someone give me a contact so i can pass it on.


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