Small cider producers are not part of the problem of alcohol abuse that happen in our cities.

Current proposals of minimum pricing per unit of alcohol will mean that cider prices will double for a container of farmhouse cider, making it too expensive for local people to enjoy.

Resulting in long term and well respected cider makers going out of business, and their farmland being sold off or used for other crops. Orchards being grubbed up resulting in loss of our heritage of apples and wildlife overnight.

We cannot let this happen! – PLEASE – Sign this epetition. Petitions need 100,000 signatures to even raise a debate in Parliament so every signature really does count.

The cider makers are not asking for the plans by government to be scrapped, just an exemption for cider producers selling directly from their farms to the public.

This video highlights the views of Somerset’s most well known cider producers – Julian Temperley, Frank Naish and Roger Wilkins.

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