The legends of the West Country, The Wurzel’s have been tracked down by the Real Cider web site, so we can ask them about their love of cider.

1. How did your love of cider start?

In January 1968 at my first ever Wassail at the Butchers Arms at Carhampton near Minehead.

2. What’s your favourite place to drink cider?

In the garden on a lovely sunny day with family and friends, or on one of our excellent West Country beaches.

3. What’s your favourite cider, and why?

Any made by Ivor Hyde, who has kept my accordions in working order for years, and brews a mean drop with the apples pressed through a manual press over 100 years old.

Commercially, any made by Rich’s Cider of Mark, Somerset.

4. What makes cider so special, compared to other drinks?

Every brew is different.

5. What’s the perfect accompaniment to enjoy your cider, special mug, cheese, pickles?

Just that, exactly right, plus good company.

View their 2011 Christmas video:

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