As you may know, part of our committment at Real Cider is to support UK pubs. Because without them we would not be able to enjoy some of our finest tipples across the country, in our favourite cities, towns and villages.

It’s not just me who thinks this, a new poll shows 8 in 10 believe pubs an important part of British way of life

A publicans wishlist in 2010

  • Decrease tax duty – currently the tax duty for a pint of beer is 35 pence in England, in France it is 5 pence.
  • Support for small producers
  • Limit the proliferation of new codes and restrictions – enforce existing laws properly instead
  • Work in partnership with the brewing and pub sector – to promote social responsibility of drinking and alcohol

The future?

Without a campaign like Axe the Tax this could very quickly become reality

Ultimately, isn’t it all about encouraging diversity and choice for drinkers?

The combination of pub and music can knit local communities together. It is vital that such a network exists, and for the sake of future creativity it is something we must continue to protect, nurture and encourage.Feargal Sharkey

The “I’m Backing the Pub” campaign has released a promotional video to support the launch of the campaign.

The video includes contributions from representitives of industries that are relient on a flourishing pub trade.

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