Celebrate the season

It’s hard to not think of blossom when Spring is mentioned, which is why The Orchard Network (which we’re a member of) celebrate it with a dedicated day each year.

Orchard Blossom Day on 28 April is a chance to highlight the importance of local orchards, and share this beautiful season with the wider community. For 2024, poet and author James Crowden has written a series of poems to mark the event.

Anyone involved in a local orchard is invited to add an event to the UK-wide online map – you’re encouraged to hold it on that date, but obviously anytime around it is fine! There’s also a handy guide to organising blossom-themed activities. 

And if all the different fruit blossoms make your head spin, you’ll find our blog – Which bloomin’ blossom is it? – really useful. 

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