CAMRA Toasts Greater Availability of Real Cider Across Britain (they are not all from the South West!)

More than 550 pubs affiliate to new Real Cider* promotion in first 12 months

CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, as part of their Cider Month celebrations in October, has today raised a toast to more than 550 pubs that have signed up to a scheme that helps their outlet promote they sell ‘Real Cider’ to passing trade.

The main aim of CAMRA’s Real Cider initiative, which was launched 12 months ago in last year’s Cider Month, is to help pubs increase trade by advertising they serve Real Cider using a simple window sticker expressing ‘Real Cider is Sold Here’.

Andrea Briers, CAMRA’s Cider & Perry Campaigning Chair said, “We are delighted with the success of this simple campaign. In just 12 months, more than 550 pubs have signed up to our Real Cider promotion.”

Achieving accreditation to this scheme is simple. Pubs that serve one or more draught real ciders, according to CAMRA’s definition*, all year round, are asked to visit CAMRA’s website and list a selection of the Real Ciders they have sold in the past 12 months. These are then checked by CAMRA, accreditation is awarded and windows stickers are issued.

Andrea Briers continued, “There has been a huge demand for Real Cider at CAMRA’s beer festivals in recent years and more pubs are now homing in on this success. With almost 40 pubs closing every week, campaigns like this help pubs differentiate themselves from other pubs. By affiliating to the scheme and displaying to passing trade you sell Real Cider in your pub, you are opening your doors to more new customers who are searching for a drop of the real stuff!”

“They are not all from the South West!” Despite 17% of the pubs that are affiliated to the scheme being located in the South West of England, an area traditionally known for producing and selling cider, there are plenty of pubs offering Real Cider from all of the other regions of the UK.

Number of Pubs per Region that have affiliated to CAMRA’s Real Cider promotion:

  • South West – 94
  • Yorkshire – 73
  • Surrey & Sussex – 67
  • Greater London – 43
  • Central Southern – 43
  • North East – 42
  • East Anglia – 32
  • Merseyside, Cheshire & North Wales – 29
  • East Midlands – 27
  • West Midlands – 25
  • Kent – 22
  • Wessex & Channel Isles – 20
  • West Pennines – 11
  • Greater Manchester – 8
  • South & Mid Wales – 8
  • Scotland & Northern Ireland – 7

Please visit for a full list of affiliated pubs by region.

Briers said, “To have pubs accredited to the Real Cider scheme from all regions is very pleasing. This goes to show that pubs all across Britain, and not just typical cider heartlands, are now realising what Real Cider can do for the pub’s business. We would like to encourage more pubs to consider signing up to this scheme. Of course, offering Real Cider may not work for everyone but if the pub sells a lot of the cold, gassy ciders like in the majority of pubs then why not see if your consumers would like to enjoy a pint of Real Cider instead. I think they will be pleasantly surprised!”

Link to original CAMRA press release

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