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This infographic of ‘periodic table of apples’ – has nice information if you are looking for which apples to select for cider making. 

Much like a brewer has hops to give beer it’s unique character, flavour – cider, desert and cooking apples, and nothing else are used in fermenting the juice into traditional cider

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The chancellor has announced that the government will retain the current duty exemption for small cider producers.

Thanks to your support we were able to hand in a petition with over 26,000 signatures urging the government to back small cider producers. On 8 July, the government responded positively in its budget.

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The Jolly Judge is hosting a Real Cider Festival on Wednesday 15th of July to Tuesday 21th of July

After the huge success of our spring cider festival, The Jolly Judge will be hosting its annual summer real cider and perry festival.

The festival will feature over 25 different ciders and perries from Gwatkin, Gwynt Y Ddraig, Hecks, Olivers, Cairn O’ Mhor, Thistly Cross, Westons and many more still to be confirmed.

For over six years the Jolly Judge has been in the estimable position of being one of the few pubs in Edinburgh to actively promote real draught cider on a permanent basis, and with great success. This will be our eighth festival and hopefully, with your discerning assistance, the best so far.

We believe that this will be a unique event that will offer a chance for the Edinburgh public and visitors to experience an expertly selected and diverse range of ciders not normally available in the capital.



Ahh, Springtime in Sussex – can only mean one thing – the largest cider and beer event on the South Coast – The Sussex Cider and Beer Festival.

It was my pleasure this year to be on the judging panel for the regional ciders that were submitted by 16 cider makers across the counties of Surrey, and East and West Sussex.

5 ciders were sampled between 3 groups, including the organisers of the Brighton Food Festival and Chris from Hallet’s Cider.

It was a mouth watering task, and great to have a team to bounce ideas off. However, it the ciders were graded on our personal tastes. On the following criteria – Aroma, Initial taste, finish / aftertaste, and personal enjoyment.

I would recommend you keep a note of ciders that you are trying, and mark out of 10 using this system. It’s really beneficial and will make you assess and understand the qualities of ciders and perries that are right for you. After all..

Don’t forget what may be one persons dry cider, may be someones elses medium!

My personal favourite ciders from this area are Oakwood ciders from Robertsbridge (who won last at years festival), and Wild Thing from Portslade. Both full of flavour, and very memorable, and they really stand apart from the crowd, which was the case for this tasting. They are also generally the first to sell out at the Sussex and South downs festivals respectively.

The overall winners of the 2015 cider competition at Sussex Beer Festival were:

1st – Village Green Cider ‘Medium Cider’
2nd – Portslade ‘Medium Wild Thing Cider’
3rd – Black Pig Orchard ‘Medium Dry Cider’

You will be able to taste these ciders at the next county Cider festival at Lewes in June. Otherwise get down to Middle Farm, where you’ll find them at the National collection of cider and perry.

It is great that others are enjoying the time and enthusiasm that goes into making Village Green Cider

Looking forward to showing some of CAMRAs cider drinkers around the cider house and the additional publicly and new drinkers the Village Green Cider will now have.

Ben Fairall, owner of Village Green Cider