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As UK cidermakers anxiously watch the weather, West Country orchard owners are facing a double challenge of a bumper crop and falling number of buyers. A shift in consumer preferences towards fruit cider, combined with high yields from maturing orchards, has created a glut of cider apples, and Heineken, owner of Bulmers, the world’s biggest cider producer, is currently ‘reviewing’ its supply contracts with growers.

Growers could be forced to rip up their orchards as new flavours don’t need apples.

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It’s that time of year again, and one of the most commented and requested posts each year is the sharing apples posts.

So you know what to do – add you details in the comments below to get started, and potential local cider makers to you, will contact you.

Another great option is to find your nearest cider makers, to see if they’d like them – often in exchange for a few bottles in return.

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The Mayor of Exeter was among the 282 happy drinkers who helped The Stable in Exeter smash the Guiness World Record for cider tasting in August.

Led by Dan Heath, founder of lead Stable supplier The Cider Box, cideristas crammed the venue’s three floors to taste the eight contenders on the Stable Cider of the Year shortlist.

The record before this attempt, held by The Oast House in Manchester, stands at 255 people, so they had lots of thirsty supporters to beat this, and make it into the history books.

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A Somerset orchard has won the top prize for the Best Innovative Cider Orchard at the Royal Bath & West Society Show 2018.

West Bradley Orchards, near Glastonbury, was described by the judges as “containing more experimental trials than any of the other orchards which we judged. Four apple varieties, four support systems, and three different tree spacings will guide growers of future orchards in Somerset into producing the most economic and high-quality apples”.

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Do you have an apple tree but can’t use all your apples?

Please consider sharing your surplus apples and pears with other members of the Real Cider community.

Due to recent demand of people wanting to learn how to make their own cider, we are going to help make this even easier for you.


Well. there are plenty of people and places around the country that have surplus apples, and windfalls from neighbours that are never used, and are left to go to waste.

This is for everyone to use, whether you live in England, Wales, America and beyond!

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Frankfurter Apfelweinmesse renamed for it’s 10th year, to the new name of Cider World.

This name change represented the exciting developments taking place internationally in the fast growing world of craft cider. It was a 2 day international cider tasting and awards event held in the beautiful Palmengarten (palm tree garden) area of the city.

The thought of meeting cider makers in person, trying multiple ciders from all over the globe and spending a great time with so many cider lovers in one place was a dream come true for many cider fans.

With 95 exhibitors from 16 countries, the international fair is a key event for the industry as well as consumers and the awards are one of the most respected in the cider industry.

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