We are always looking at tips and tricks on how to make life simpler. It is no different with cider making!

The Apple Wizard is useful particularly for small orchards or even if you just have a couple of apple trees like myself you will find you can whizz round with this tool saving you time and your back from all that bending over.

You just walk as you normally would with the Apple Wizard, guide the apple picker where the apples are and see how it picks them up efficiently and bruise-free! No more struggling over apples, just let the good times roll!

This tool can be used for other fruits in similar size. It can also pick a variety of things around the garden and perhaps even in the house!

How do you get the apples of the tree?

Well, you could let nature and gravity take its course, or you could do some Panking!

How are apples collected in larger orchards?

Large commercial orchards sometimes use use tractors with shakers which attach to the middle of the tree trunk, shake the tree and the apples are collected below in an umbrella. Other farms pick by hand using farm workers.

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