Not the first place that comes to mind when you think of traditional farmhouse cider. However, as I visit London quite often for work and pleasure, I decided to investigate if the quality of cider pubs in London we list on The Real Cider web site is still agreeable.

Central London and it has to be the The Harp WC2N 4HS in Leicester Square, to escape tourist hoards. A marvellous pub. The Harp always comes up trumps with a superb selection of off-the-beaten track. CAMRA London Cider Pub of The Year 2008 They have a changing range of ciders from jugs/bottles in the fridge.

Next up, in Fitzrovia is The Green Man W1W 7EP, described by its owners a traditional London cider house, albeit a quirky one. The Green Man has a choice of 32 different ciders (View cider list PDF). Perhaps Fitzrovia’s best kept secret – and the main characteristic all these pubs had is that they were not the commercial pub you normally find in the city.

Next we headed north to Islington and The Wenlock Arms N1 7TA, CAMRA’s 2009’s London Cider pub of the year. Always a interesting selection of at least 1 draught and a selection of bottled ciders.

Next up the road in Kentish Town is The Dartmouth Arms, NW5 1SP. Cider is big with gastropub-goers, too. The Dartmouth Arms has more than a dozen bottled boutique ciders as well as draught on rotation at the bar. The fresh lobster served with a bottle of Dunkertons’ organic perry is on promotion at £15 until the end of the month.

The Dartmouth Arms

The Dartmouth Arms, NW5

Finally heading back towards the city, a very traditional pub in Hackney is The Pembury Tavern E8 1JH, has sold a vast range of regional ciders since it has opened. The website will tell you what it is currently serving. Interesting building and interior, plus a bar billiards table complete with instructions! With regular beer and cider festivals.

View all our listings for cider pubs in London and London cider map (external link).

Also don’t forget the cider stall at Borough Market every weekend managed by New Forest Cider.


  1. Godavies

    I must point out that The Green Man pub mentioned here does not even sell real cider ! They boast 32 ciders on offer , have a look at the list . 32 rubbish mock ciders . Go to The Southampton Arms near Kentish Town , 12 top class real ciders at all times and no industrial rubbish !

  2. Hi Godavies,

    Thanks for your comments, the Green Man does sell real cider, maybe not 32, but a good selection of cider you can try if you are in London..

    Thanks for the recommendation for the Southampton Arms. I hear they do not sell lager only real ale and cider.. Sounds like heaven! –

    If Real Cider readers have any others recommendations for cider in London please list them below!

  3. Greg

    Hello Jim , check out the cider list and you will see The Green Man are offering allmost entirely bottles and all of it poor and non-real cider . Take a trip to The Southampton Arms and you will see what a real cider pub in London looks like . Westons cider can be obtained anywhere should you want to drink such stuff , not really worth recomending a trip for !

  4. Hi Godavies,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Here is the current list of draught and bottle ciders on at the Green Man W1.
    Though, not all are 'Real' cider, you will be hard pushed to find a wider selection of ciders in central London.


    green man special cellar
    Westons old Rosie
    Westons organic vintage
    Westons traditional scrumpy
    Westons perry ( subject to availability)
    stowford press
    Gaymers pear
    thistly cross original ( subject to availability)


    aspall blush
    aspall organic
    aspall draught
    aspall premier cru
    aspall cuvee
    brothers festival pear
    brothers strawberry
    brothers lemon
    friels apple
    amazing cider
    koppaberg pear
    koppaberg elferflower
    Gaymers stewley press
    Gaymers Devon cider
    thatchers coxs
    thatchers gold
    thatchers pear
    thatchers Katy rose
    green goblin
    Westons strong organic
    thistly criss gold
    thistly cross Ginger

  5. Godavies

    Sorry but this is not a list of good ciders ! Even the couple that are supposed to be real are fairly poor , the sort of stuff you get in any supermarket or town centre pub . A little more effort and imagination would be required to make this place worth a visit . Greg

  6. Greg, you are entitled to you opinion. Hope you enjoy the Real Cider web site.

  7. Jim Callender

    There’s a map here.

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