Welsh cider maker, orchard grower and author Bill Bleasdale launches his new book “How to grow and make cider”.

Bill has been making cider and growing apple trees on his six acre small holding near Llanidloes for some years now.

The book consists of 30 page of hand drawn illustrations of orchards, tree planting and cider making, as well as fun characters. I can imagine something which all the family will enjoy reading and learning from.

This is a great introduction into the world of growing your own apples and making cider or perry. It covers the basic principles for tree and orchard care, cider making principles and the equipment you’ll need.

Some words from the author:

The book is based on my practical experience with apples and cider, says Bill.

It is 36 pages of words and pictures packed with all the information that one needs to grow apples and pears and turn them into cider, perry or juice. I’ve been told it’s rather amusing.

I’m on a mission to persuade land owners of the economic and environmental benefits of planting fruit trees. I’ve been involved in the planting of ten acres of orchards around Llanidloes in the last couple of years, and I am looking to plant more trees to supply my burgeoning cider business

You can buy the book on Amazon here.

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