Here’s news of a cider that you’ll soon see in pubs and shops in and around the Surrey area from this month.

There has been a plague of so called ciders being released by the big breweries, that are anything but cider – merely flavoured syrup.

This one is different – in that this cider is the real thing, very tasty and thought about carefully by the team at Hogsback. Hence the worthiness of it being posted on the Real Cider blog.



What’s it taste like?

When you look at it first in a glass, you can see the cloudy ‘hazy hog’ appearance.

Reminiscent of cidre bouche.. it has a light farmyard aroma to it, always a good sign that the correct apples and a suitable traditional fermentation process has taken place.

Mellow at first taste with richness of tannins hitting the back of the tongue on the aftertaste. Very smooth and makes you want to have another taste.

At 5% ABV the cider is made from bittersweet apples onsite at Thatchers in Somerset.

The difference with this cider is that further apple juice is added post fermentation for slight extra sweetness, and the naturally cloudy appearance.

The launch event in London this week also gave us a chance to catch up with Hogsback’s head brewer, sales team and Chairman Rupert Thompson. Rupert gave an open and frank presentation on their belief of doing something which other cider makers are not doing in UK, as they have been with their beers over the last 21 years.

Look out for Hazy Hog, I think you’ll like it.


  1. We are seeing a few brewers making cider here as well. I have been skeptical.

  2. Chris J

    Had one and liked it so i had another. Good work by the brewers in my amateur opinion.

  3. Jim Callender

    It’s made by Thatchers who have been making cider a long time. Cheers!

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