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I am pleased to share with you a beautiful and informative video explaining the history of cider making at Sheppy’s in the West country.

The launch of the video was wonderful 40 members of staff turned up (past and present) and the screening was followed by the sort of feast that farmers refer modestly to as ‘ a little farmhouse supper’ – home cured ham, a huge cheeseboard, fresh bread, pickled onions, fruit and gallons of excellent apple juice and cider.

The film is also on permanent display at the Hereford Cider Museum – right in the heart of Bulmer’s country!

Credit – Kevin Redpath

This is what cider making is all about. Watching nature do it’s magic. Here is the cider fermenting after 10 days.

This video was filmed by Lulworth Skipper, who makes cider in Dorset. He explains the simple reason why he does this:

“Always fill to the brim and keep topping up to eject any debris as can be seen”.

Henrietta Lovell meets Julian Temperley, master cider-maker, apple brandy distiller and proprietor of the award-winning Somerset Distillery.

They discuss what makes traditional cider what it is, and discuss what is cider brandy.

View the video on the Guardian web site (opens in new window)

View on the Guardian web site

In this video Bray Oak Cider, based in Perth, Western Australia – show us how to make your own cider, using your own home made cider press, which includes a car jack – a perfectly acceptable piece of kit for extracting as much juice from your apples as possible.

Visit the cider producer at their web site –