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A gentle portrait of Frank Naish, (86), possibly the world’s oldest cider maker, on his farm in Somerset, with helper Paul Chant.

Collecting apples on a frosty morning in November 2010, Frank continues a life-long devotion to the artisan way of producing cider, which he did with his brother Harold until his death in 2005. Since then, Paul has worked with Frank, allowing him to continue his passion well into old age. As Frank says, it’s hard work and plenty of fresh air that keeps him going.

This is what cider making is all about. Watching nature do it’s magic. Here is the cider fermenting after 10 days.

This video was filmed by Lulworth Skipper, who makes cider in Dorset. He explains the simple reason why he does this:

“Always fill to the brim and keep topping up to eject any debris as can be seen”.

Henrietta Lovell meets Julian Temperley, master cider-maker, apple brandy distiller and proprietor of the award-winning Somerset Distillery.

They discuss what makes traditional cider what it is, and discuss what is cider brandy.

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View on the Guardian web site