A Micropub is a very small, one room public house.

The concept is attributed to publican Martyn Hillier and his pub, The Butchers Arms, in Herne, Kent, England.

Each pub offers their own unique twist but they all stay true to the winning micropub formula: … a small freehouse which listens to its customers, mainly serves cask ales, promotes conversation, shuns all forms of electronic entertainment and dabbles in traditional pub snacks.

The highest concentration of micropubs is in Kent – so much so, that there is now a pub crawl!

Here are my favourite three Real Cider micropubs:

View all the 97 micropubs listed here. Updated 7th Dec 2014.

Would you like to open a micropub?

Here’s a guide to starting you own micropub. The Micropub association is a membership based organisation which is committed to promoting and celebrating all that is great with the concept of the micropub movement.

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