Here is a wonderful video from the guys at Woods Cider Mill located pressing a batch of  this years apples in Weathersfield, Vermont.

They have a twin-screw cider press was purchased from the Empire State Press Co. in 1882. It was originally run by water power, but was moved from the mill pond in the early 1900’s and is now turned down by hand and electricity.

Making about 200 gallons of cider per pressing. Pretty impressive. In the video, you will see the cider boiling, this is to make ‘Boiled’ Cider. The technique of pressing the apples is exactly the same as for real or hard cider making.

The apple juice is boiled in a stainless steel evaporator, and concentrated to about 7 to 1. It is just concentrated real cider with nothing added. Boiled Cider is used with hot water for a delicious hot drink, in cooking, as a topping to pancakes or over yogurt or ice cream.

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