When you think of Germany, you’re unlikely to think of Cider. But the Viezstrasse (literally ‘Cider-street’) offers a cider experience so unbelievably good you’ll wonder why you’d never heard of it.

Here are some facts about British cider and Germany:

  • In Germany they have only still cider, called “Most” or “Apfelwein”, which is quite sour
  • They don’t have the sparkling types, which is more sweet than sour – the ‘typical british cider’
  • I believe, sparkling cider from england could become quite popular in germany, I’ve met many people who told me that they like it very much
  • They have already a handful of internet shops and maybe half a dozen shops for british-food in Germany, some of them already selling British cider, but mostly stuff like Strongbow and Bulmers, and not real cider

Here are some links to help you find the good stuff in Germany:

  • Cider Pubs in Frankfurt
  • Frankfurt Cider review by Welsh Cider
  • Welsh Perry & Cider Society Chairman Alan Golding and Membership Secretary Gethin ap Dafydd travel along Germany’s Cider-street heading for the Äpfelwein bars of Frankfurt

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