Cider makers have welcomed the Chancellor’s decision to freeze duty on the beverage in a show of support for the weather-hit industry.

Martin Thatcher, managing director of Thatchers Cider in Sandford, also welcomed the announcement.

“We are very happy to toast George Osborne with a delicious glass of cider. It is great news that the Chancellor has abandoned the duty escalator and frozen duty on cider this year.”

Summary of what has and hasn’t changed with regard to cider duty in yesterday’s Budget.


Photo Credit – Mathew Veasey

“And with some cider makers in the West Country hit hard by the recent weather, I am going to help them by freezing the duty on ordinary cider too” George Osbourne

Now MPs are urging the Government to scrap the cider duty escalator – ditched for beer last year – which has increased duty on the drink by two per cent above inflation every year since it was introduced by Labour in 2008. Campaigners also want it binned for wine and spirits.

West Country Media site reports:

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