As National Cider Pub of the Year 2009, the Orchard Inn will be the first pub to be accredited as part of a new initiative from CAMRA.

As the number of UK pubs selling real cider and perry continues to increase, CAMRA is introducing a real cider sticker initiative to inform consumers where real cider is being sold. CAMRA hopes the scheme will make it easier for drinkers to recognise a cider pub, and give support for such pubs at a time when many are looking to diversify in order to offer something new to their customers.

Andrea Briers, Chair of CAMRA’s Cider and Perry Committee, will be placing the first-ever ‘Real Cider Sold Here’ sticker in the window of the Orchard Inn on October 1st, but is keen to stress that any pub serving real draught cider or perry all year round is eligible for this accreditation from CAMRA.

Briers said:

If a pub is serving real cider all year round, and it is of a good and consistent quality, we encourage them to contact us, as we’d like to do everything we can to drive custom towards their pub. This accreditation scheme is all about showcasing the availability of real cider, increasing sales of real cider and supporting pubs at a time when 52 are closing nationally per week.

For more information on the scheme, please visit the CAMRA website.


  1. We've signed up for our sticker, which has been approved, should be through next week!

  2. Hi Alex,

    thanks very much for leaving your comments, really means a lot. Hope you enjoy the site, lots more exciting ideas coming in the next few months.

    All the best with championing real cider at the Castle. With the varieties you are serving the quality speaks for itself, cheers!

    Jim Callender

  3. We received our sticker through today and it's up now, obviously of greater importance than the sticker is the publicity that the scheme gives to Cider as a whole!

    We're currently working on finalising our “core” range, however this hasn't worked out as well as I hoped -> I still have a short list of 12!!!

  4. Hi Alex,

    Good to hear the recent news. I hope your visitors and regulars see it as a mark of the care and effort you are making to showcase some delicious real ciders.

    I think any pubs in Dorset will have stiff competition with your selection of up to 12 regular tipples!


    Jim C.

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