Here is a list of the basic equipment for Cider Making, you can get these items from any good home-brew shop or even ebay for a job lot.

  • Sterilising and cleaning: Sodium metabisulphite and nylon long handled bottle brush
  • Washing: Plastic tub or dustbin – to wash apples
  • Scratting: Sturdy plastic bucket and timber for crushing apples
  • Pressing: Cider press with medium mesh nylon bag
  • Fermentation: 1 gallon demijohns or 5 gallon plastic vessels
  • Fermentation: Fermentation locks, ‘bubbler’ type
  • Fermentation: Hydrometer
  • Racking off: 2 metre clear plastic tubing


  1. Hi Paul, thanks for your comment.

    Ebay is a good place to source second hand or new items, I also recommend –

    As you improve in cider making you can scale up your equipment. It all depends on the space you have, and the amount of fruit you have.

    Don't forget to involve friends to make the cider making a great social event!

  2. Paulco

    Can anyone advise of a complete home cider (pear) making kit – a link or page please??

  3. Paulco

    I note there are several out there with Websites and also on ebay – want to get a reasonable set – use at home in the shed/garage – dont want to pay over the odds – any tips or advice please for this complete amateur!

  4. Dick Palmer

    South lakeland orchard group has a fully mobile mill press and pasteurisers for hire to members

  5. Cal1advise

    Thank you for collecting and posting this cider making information. I espeically enjoyed your coverage of the Pacific Northwest (British Columbia, Washington & Oregon). These ciders are developing into their own as world class. I began making my own sweet and hard cider from trees in my “hobby orchard” near Lake Chelan in central Washington State.
    Unhappy with the efficiency of my commercial basket press , I used my industrial engineering skills to develop my own cider milling & pressing equipment. I have posted photos that illustrate their construction and use. (See photos on flickr at:

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