Real Cider does carries a small amount of advertising under the ‘Sponsors’ banner.

Sponsors can choose either a visual ad or a text ad with link. These appear on the right hand side of every page.

I’m always looking for partners who have a strong product or service that will be relevant to our readers. It also helps if I’ve used your service or product and liked it, but not essential.

Prices and Rates

Visual Ad (150 x 150): £50 per month.
Text Link: (3 lines max) £25 per month.
I can offer a discount of 10% for a 6 month booking.

Real Cider ranks very highly in search engines. I don’t do any pro-active SEO optimisation, the high rankings are a result of over six years blogging at least twice a week. It’s just good content and some healthy community activity.

How to Place Your Ad

We currently get around 3500 visitors a month, with 76% traffic coming from Google.

Please email me whether you would like annual advertising, or for a promotional period and whether you’d like a visual ad or a text link.

Thank you.

Jim Callender
Founder of Real Cider