What is apple blossom?

The apple tree is a native of Europe, and the Apple blossoms come from April to June. From the fruit, cider is manufactured, and both the fruit and its cider are much used for domestic and medicinal purposes. Apple blossoms have Cherry pink and white petals.

Here is a collection of the best blossom photos that we’ve been sent from various apple tree owners and cider makers around the UK. AS as far as Scotland. Enjoy this magical time of year, and let’s wish for a great season ahead of sunshine and not too much rain!

If you would like to walk in an orchard of a West Country Cider makers – head to Sheppy’s on the 11th of May when they will be having an open day. As well as inviting visitors to sample their latest cider release.

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Frankfurter Apfelweinmesse renamed for it’s 10th year, to the new name of Cider World.

This name change represented the exciting developments taking place internationally in the fast growing world of craft cider. It was a 2 day international cider tasting and awards event held in the beautiful Palmengarten (palm tree garden) area of the city.

The thought of meeting cider makers in person, trying multiple ciders from all over the globe and spending a great time with so many cider lovers in one place was a dream come true for many cider fans.

With 95 exhibitors from 16 countries, the international fair is a key event for the industry as well as consumers and the awards are one of the most respected in the cider industry.

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Apple cider vinegar is the most popular type of vinegar in the natural health community.

It is claimed to lead to all sorts of benefits, many of which are supported by science.

This includes weight loss, reduced cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels and improved symptoms of diabetes.

It is also an ancient folk remedy, and has been used for various household and cooking purposes.

Somerset Cider Vinegar is traditionally slow fermented vinegar from ciders that have been made from 100% pure cider apple juice.

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Our friends at Crafty Nectar has compiled the ‘go-to’ list of this years unmissable events for cider fans.


If you want the tastiest treats direct from cider land – contact Crafty Nectar for their selection of bottled traditional real ciders and perries.

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The ongoing aim of the Real Cider blog – to educate cider consumers about what they are drinking.

It’s been shown from recent studies, that UK drinkers are consuming less, but what is being enjoyed is better quality.

When you are buying real cider, make sure it’s 100% pressed apples and nothing else. Unfortunately, any brand now can make a ‘cider’ which seems currently a blanket word for any alcoholic fruit syrup, which is in effect tarnishing the traditional real cider industry.

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Wassail gets its name from the Old English term “waes hael”, meaning “be well” and is a tradition to awaken cider apple trees from their winter slumber. #WassailWeek

Here is our list of Wassail events across cider land –

  • Sampford Courtney, Solland Farm, EX20 3QT – Tuesday 16th January 7pm
  • Whimple Wassail Wednesday 17th January 6.30pm New Fountain Inn Organised by Whimple History Society this event has really gown in recent years and sounds a great deal of fun. Starts at 6pm at The New Fountain Inn. Whimple had a long tradition of cider making and the ceremony was restarted in 1993. All the traditional elements of the wassail are carried out
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