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West Bradley Orchards, located in the heart of Somerset, home of British Cider, opened a series of ‘Pick Your Own’ weekends in September with a picnic attended by local MP David Warburton and his family.

The Pick Your Own days take place every weekend in September, with visitors invited to pick and purchase their own apples and pears.

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Learn to make cider the Butford Way, Champion Perry winners at Royal Bath & West Show 2016.

The cider making course is simple, straightforward and fun. The day course are ideal both for the enthusiastic amateur and those with commercial aspirations. You are taken through the whole process from apple selection to the final product with the course culminating in a practical pressing from which you take away around 25 litres of juice for you to ferment.

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This infographic of ‘periodic table of apples’ – has nice information if you are looking for which apples to select for cider making. 

Much like a brewer has hops to give beer it’s unique character, flavour – cider, desert and cooking apples, and nothing else are used in fermenting the juice into traditional cider

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Wassail, Wassail all over the town!

Join us once again to bless the orchards and celebrate another great year with singing, dancing music and merriment!

Here’s a list of regional Wassail events around the UK –

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